Back-to-School Cupcakes

Cookie Topper Cupcakes

You've got your cookie on my cupcake! No you've got your cupcake on my cookie! Both are right. Now you can have your favorite cookie and a cupcake too. Cookie Topper Cupcakes are perfect for back-to-school. Choose your favorite chocolate chip cookie ingredients  like chocolate morsels, pecans or walk its, chocolate chunks. Next frost the cupcakes using plenty of vanilla or your favorite flavor frosting for glue to hold the ingredients in place. Then press the cookie ingredients into the frosting. Finally, roll the frosting in cookie crumbs made from cookies to create the golden crust. Now you have a faux cookie topper for your cupcakes. It is so easy, and you can do it for almost any cookie recipe.

Here are some of the crumbled cookies you can use.

          Oreos                  Ginger Snaps                 Vanilla Wafers

From left, those are Oreo cookie crumbs we threw in the food processor to crumb. You notice there seems to be no filling, just cookie. Well we threw them in whole and once they were chopped the white filling disappeared into the crumbs, yet they still have the taste of Oreos with the filling! Next is a ginger snap, one of our all time favorite cookies. It gives the Cookie Topper a sharp flavor and a rich golden color. On the right are Vanilla Wafers. Who doesn't love the flavor of vanilla?

Now for the ingredients. You can take your faux cookie any direction. Classic chocolate chip, wild chunky monkey, organic oats and nuts. it's your choice. Below are a few tasty combos we tried.

Above from left to right, we combined dried banana chips with pecans, and vanilla wafer crumbs for a tasty whole earth cookie, dried oatmeal flakes with two kinds of raisins and ginger snap crumbs for a classic with a twist, and dark chocolate chunks with white chocolate chips and Oreo crumbs for the chocolate lover.

Happy back-to-school &
Happy cupcaking!
Alan and Karen


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