Lemon Cooler Cupcakes from Hello Cupcake's What's Newsletter #11

Sure it’s 100 outside but these lemon cooler cupcakes will make it feel like it's only 98. This is the latest project from Hello Cupcake's What's Newsletter. To make our lemon coolers, we simply top lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting, drop them into pale yellow liners, stack them and insert a skewer to hold them in place, and garnish with a candy lemon slice, minty stick gum leaves, and a fresh green straw for sipping. 
click here for the recipe

With the weather this hot you might want to think about getting unfrosted cupcakes from the bakery or grocery store for your decorating projects. We call ahead and ask if they have “naked cupcakes”. That always gets a laugh. But we did a taste test at several local bakeshops and grocery store bakeries and now we know where we can get great tasting unfrosted cupcakes for decorating without having to crank up the oven.

 In the newsletter's Technique of the Month you can see how we keep our edge, using craft scissors to create serrated leaves from stick gum.

 This months’ Candy Corner takes a closer look at some other stick gum colors that can be used for decorating.

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Happy cupcaking,
Alan and Karen


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