Kissin' the Blarney Stone Cupcakes, Newsletter #8

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When we start thinking up holiday ideas we get kind of silly. We are always looking for a fun way to celebrate the event with cupcakes and put a smile on our face at the same time. We knew we wanted to make Shamrocks and decided to do a little research into the Blarney Stone. Turns out it's a rock in a wall at a castle and you have to hang upside down by your heels high above the ground and kiss it to get the luck of the Irish (lucky if you don't fall!). So we decided to make getting the luck of the Irish much easier.

We took breakfast treat cookies and broke them into large chunks. Then we tinted our Duncan Hines Creamy Homestyle frosting a light gray with food coloring (we use the DH brand because it melts so well and then firms back up for a nice smooth coating). We dipped each chunk of cookie in the melted frosting and placed them on a cooling rack to set. Meanwhile we rolled out spearmint leaves, those mint-flavored sugared jelly candies in the shape of a mint leaf. We used sugar on the work surface and on top of the candy to keep it from sticking. As we rolled we added sugar as needed until the candy was about 1/16 inch thick. We used a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut the leaves, but you could also go free-form and just cut them with a paring knife or even scissors. We pinched the hearts at the pointed end to give them a clover leaf shape. Extra rolled out candy was cut into stems.

Assembly is always our favorite part of a project. that's when you get to bring it all together and add little touches that make it your own. We frosted our cupcakes with chocolate frosting and edged them in Oreo cookie crumbs to look like dirt. Then we placed three leaves and a stem on most cupcake, a couple got four for good luck, and we arranged our Blarney Stones on more cupcakes. Little spots of green frosting for grass and a few additional dirt crumbs and the Blarney Stone Cupcakes were complete.

Go ahead, make them and kiss the Blarney Stone Cupcake. We think it will be a Lucky Day if you do.

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Happy cupcaking.
Alan and Karen


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