Hoppy Easter Bunnies!

These are the Hoppiest Easter Bunnies we have ever seen.
We hope you still have time to make them for your Easter baskets. We love these because we made them using a few simple ingredients from our pantry shelves. The ears are made from slices of marshmallow, then dipped in pink sugar so the sugar sticks to the sticky inside of the cut marshmallow. We frosted them in white and then added a coating of coconut which we had chopped in the food processor to make it nice and fluffy. We added M&Ms for the eyes,a red heart candy for the nose, and finally made those adorable bow ties from sticks of Fruit Stripe gum we found in the pantry. We just snipped 1/4 inch from the short end of the stick of gum, we then pressed the long piece in the center to shape the bow tie and wrapped the short cut piece around to make the bow tie. How cute and easy is that! (Hint: the fresher the gum the easier it is to bend without cracking. If the first stick cracks just go more slowly and let the warmth of you fingers shape the gum.) All in all we think these little bunnies are going to look cute in a lot of Easter Parades this year. So get hopping, check your pantry, and happy cupcaking.

That's What's New, Cupcake?
Have a Very Hoppy Easter from
Karen and Alan

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  • March 30, 2013 mary wrote:
    how do make the happy easter bunnies? Do i have to buy something. i am 8 years old i am going to a party tomorrow so i need it to know it as soon as possible thank you
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    1. April 8, 2013 hellocupcakeblog wrote:
      The feet are made from white marshmallows. Use any small black candy for the toes and foot pads. Use a mni marshmallow covered in white sprinkles for cotton tail.

      Happy Easter,
      Alan and Karen

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  • March 30, 2013 paula wrote:
    how do you make the happy Easter bunnies? Do you have to buy it. i am 8 years old i am going to to a party tomorrow and i need to know it as soon as possible thank you
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    1. April 8, 2013 hellocupcakeblog wrote:
      They are made from marshmallows. The feet are each made from two slices of a white marshmallow, and the toes and pad are a jellybean and candy coated Sunny Seed Drops. Hope you have a great Easter.

      Alan and Karen

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