Hello, Cupcakes! says Hello Halloween

Hello Halloween

We are so excited about the new page at Duncan Hines' Web Site. They have the complete recipes for three of our favorite cupcakes, Werewolves Cupcakes, Alien Cupcakes, and Owl Cupcakes. We will be designing all new cupcakes for each season so check out the page and...

Keep on cupcaking!
Alan and Karen

Go to Duncan Hines' Web Site for
Hello, Cupcake! Halloween Recipes


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  • October 19, 2009 Robin wrote:
    Alan and Karen-YAYAYAY! You so deserve to have your fun cupcakes highlighted on their website...good for you!

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  • April 9, 2013 Mer wrote:
    Out of curiosity, the 2013 Taste of Home cupcake edition (which I just bought) has these exact (and I mean exact) cupcakes. Are you guys working with them as well? They didn't reference you guy in the magazine.
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    1. December 9, 2013 hellocupcakeblog wrote:
      We designed those for Taste of Home for one of their magazine issues a couple of years ago. I guess when they compiled the recipes for the Cupcake Special they forgot to include the credit. Anyway, thanks for noting it and as always, keep on cupcaking!

      Alan and Karen

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